Featured Partners

The AL$ partner program does not choose exclusive vendor providers on behalf of the campuses, nor sign purchasing agreements for AL$ partner provider programs. These partners are potential resources for faculty and students, and each campus will need to determine if the partner meets the campus vendor adoption criteria.

Lower Cost Materials


Bibliotech - Logo.png

Bibliotech is a digital content platform that provides course content at a substantially lower cost than printed textbooks through strategic partnerships with publishers, The Bibliotech ereader is accessible, searchable, and provides 100% offline accessibility to students through their iOS, Android, and Window apps. Instructors are able to work with their favorite publishers while providing students with affordable options. Bibliotech partners with Willo Labs (another AL$ featured partner) to seamlessly integrate with the campus LMS and provide easy access to content in any business model; including immediate/inclusive/direct access and direct to student purchasing. For more information about Bibliotech and our affordable options for CSU faculty and students: click here: www.bibliotech.com



CogBooks provides affordable, adaptive courses that are miles beyond the static textbook allowing students to get the personalized support they need. CogBooks allows faculty to teach more efficiently and effectively by providing instructors easy to understand insight to students' progress.


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eFollett.com  When you select your campus on eFollett, you are virtually shopping at the bookstore serving your campus.  Digital books are offered by many different publishers/sources, but usually only one source for that particular title/ISBN is available.  Your campus store can provide more information on digital books, go to Books > Digital Course Materials on your campus stores website.  eFollett.com is available to CSU campuses who have partnered with Follett Higher Education to operate their campus store.


lumen learning logo

Lumen Learning creates well-designed, interactive course materials that save time for faculty and improve learning for students. Supported courseware includes customizable textbooks, online homework, superb LMS integration, an awesome faculty support.  Continual improvements makes Lumen's OER courses simple to use and more effective at supporting learning.  Visit Lumen's ready-to-adopt course catalog.


Odigia, Learning Liberated.  Anchored in a simple philosophy that different learners have different needs, Odigia removes the barriers created by the one-size fits-all-model of Education.  Odigia's ready to go Courseware empowers faculty, to create affordable and engaging learning experiences that improve learner engagement, and retention.  Visit Odigia's Courseware Catalog.


Awaken student curiosity with online discussion that simply works.

Packback is an "AI supported" online discussion platform that improves student curiosity, communication skills, and critical thinking.  Packback delivers an easy-to-use and engaging discussion experience for students and professors, with powerful support from automated moderation sorting, and scoring algorithms. Packback.co


panOpen Logo

Designed by educators, panOpen is a next generation OER learning platform realizing the promise of OER and empowering faculty with tools for fully developed OER courses, faculty collaboration outside the confines of institutional software, LMS integration, homework, quizzes, teaching slides, and authoring tools, with excellent support.  For $25, faculty can adopt enhanced, interactive OER as they would a commercial textbook with the confidence in the quality and reliability of the content.  Visit our public library of OER titles to preview some of the titles available on the panOpen platform.  Press Release 10-15-2019



The Top Hat Marketplace is a platform that allows faculty and instructors to collaborate on interactive and peer-reviewed textbooks, question packs, homework resources and more. Educators can choose to adopt and customize existing resources, or create and distribute original content of their own using Top Hat's flexible authoring tool.  Top Hat provides access to low-cost, high-quality, interactive educational content in the Top Hat Marketplace.



Vitalsource platforms provide students and educators access to immersive, engaging digital content. Interactive study and analytics tools give users experiences and insights that cannot be achieved with print textbooks.


CSU AL$ Interactive Open Textbooks, in partnership with Openstax and VitalSource Technologies. These open textbooks were created by Openstax and peer reviewed by faculty and meet standard scope and textbook sequencing requirements. To search for or learn more about CSU Interactive Textbooks you may create an account in VitalSource here once you have created an account you may search using the ISBN #'s below or by searching for CSU Interactive Openstax Textbook as keywords. CSU Interactive Textbooks are offered at a low cost.



About Willo Labs - With Willo on the integration side, everything gets easier.  Willo Labs is facilitating the move to digital from an independent vantage point with seamless delivery as a primary goal.  Our free middleware solution makes LMS or portal integrations easy, fast and manageable for professors, publishers and administrative staff.  It enables digital courseware, OER content and Immediate-Inclusive Access to delivered without access codes and simultaneously meets student choice requirements.   



Yuzu® is a learning platform created by Barnes & Noble that delivers an enhanced digital reading experience with access to a broad digital catalog.



zyBooks combine the power of interactive tools, responsive questions, and animations to provide students with a rich learning experience. Try some of our live questions and see for yourself.


Custom Publishing



Montezuma Publishing has been a recognized leader in the custom course reader market for over 30 years. Offering digital and print course readers, copyright services and more at lower costs than traditional print course materials.



Create your own engaging, personalized, and interactive online lessons with SoftChalk Cloud.



Whether you want to publish original material while retaining your copyright, reduce the cost of course materials, or differentiate your institution’s curriculum, XanEdu can help you craft and deliver tomorrow’s education, today. To learn how we can help you, select an educator type below.


MERLOT Content Builder  is a free website authoring tool for instructors, students, people in the workforce, and communities to create Open Educational Resources



Open Educational Resources



The three State of California Higher Education Systems are working together to provide you easy access to quality FREE and OPEN eTextbooks that everyone and anyone can use for teaching and learning.  Cool4Ed



The LibreTexts project is a multi-institutional collaborative effort to improve education at all levels of higher learning by developing Open Access Resources.



The MERLOT system provides access to curated online learning and support materials and content creation tools, led by an international community of educators, learners and researchers.


OpenStax CNX is a dynamic non-profit digital ecosystem serving millions of users per month in the delivery of educational content to improve learning outcomes.


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OpenStax provides free, peer-reviewed, openly licensed textbooks for introductory college and Advanced Placement courses and low-cost, personalized courseware that helps students learn.



Your FREE and OPEN digital library of Workforce Training Materials.  Preparing the Workforce for 21st Century Employment through TAACCCT.