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2016 Facts About the CSU Now Available

The California State University promotes student success through opportunity and a high-quality education that prepares students to become leaders in the changing workforce, making the CSU a vital economic engine for California.

OpenStax, College Stores Partner for Textbook Customization

March 4, 2016, OpenStax, the Rice University-backed publisher, is partnering with textbook distributor NACSCORP to get its free textbooks into the hands of more students.

Law Could Ease Textbook Costs at California State University and Community Colleges

Long Beach Press Telegram Article October 11, 2015

Cal State Looks for Cost Savings in Academics

Los Angeles Times Article May 20, 2015

Nation's Largest Free and Low-Cost Textbook Showcase Launches at 13 California State University Libraries

PR Newswire article

Open Education Thrives in California Through Massive Collaboration

PR Newswire article

For Some Students, Virtual Labs Replace Hands-on Science Experiments:

Los Angeles Times Article November 15, 2014

Cal State University Tackles Escalating Textbook Costs:

Long Beach Press Telegram Article August 20, 2014

Cal State looks for ways to drive down cost of textbooks:

Los Angeles Times Article August 1, 2014

Law could ease textbook costs at California State University and community colleges:

Long Beach Press Telegram Article October 11, 2015

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National Association of College Stores Study Shows Continued Decline in Annual Student Spending on Course Materials:

National Association of College Stores’ (NACS) twice-yearly survey of college students in the U.S.

National Association of College Stores:

Academic Content Licensing White Paper 2014

Make Textbooks More Affordable:

Student PIRGs Report: Fixing the Broken Textbook Market

CSU Affordable Learning Solutions Initiatives:

CSU Board of Trustees Update

AB 798 and the Open Educational Resources Adoption Incentive Program

Letter to CSU Presidents